Dear Esteemed Participant, we hope this mail finds you well,

HuQAS is adapting to operations in response to this rapid threat of COVID-19. Our strategies will evolve over the coming weeks and months, and we will regularly update you so that you are informed of any alterations to HuQAS EQA services.

EQA remains an essential component in clinical laboratory testing and whilst workloads may fluctuate the continued use of Internal Quality Control (IQC), instrument maintenance and EQA play a key role in patient diagnosis and monitoring, and thus ensuring patient safety is not compromised.

Currently, we are providing External Quality Assessment (EQA) to laboratories where possible, some of which are in areas affected by this pandemic and with some countries on lock-down while others on partial lock-down. As such our decisions are not based on a national situation but rather on an international basis.

Where possible, HuQAS will continue to provide EQA to support laboratories, but we recognize that some flexibility will be required in terms of local/national situations, closure dates, and extensions. Therefore, we would ask that laboratories contact HuQAS directly if they feel it is necessary to request an extension to any EQA exercise and we will accommodate them where possible.

EQA Programs are currently ongoing for April Monthly EQA and 2nd Test Event 2020 upcoming.
We recommend for labs that are able to report their sample results on time should continue to do so. Performance Reports will be generated as usual.

Labs where testing is temporarily suspended due to closure, staffing shortage, reagent or supply shortage, please do the following:

Access EQAs Online through HuQAS or directly through or from your desktop, laptop or smartphone device.

  • After Login, move to the results entry page.
  • Select “Testing Suspended during Test Event” Result Code in the Data Entry page.
  • Once your report becomes available, document the reason for not reporting in the comments section as proof during the time of the audit.
  • Once the Performance Reports are available you will be able to compare the reports and the raw results.
  • Do NOT report on past samples once normal lab operations resume.

Our thoughts are with all our clinical laboratory colleagues worldwide at this time, we are proud to continue to support you and thank you for your continuing support of HuQAS.


With Regards,

Leonard Ndegwa
Chief Executive Officer
Human Quality Assessment Services (HuQAS)