HuQAS offers Proficiency Testing Programs that are relevant to medical laboratories’ area of operation e.g. Clinical Chemistry, Blood Screening, Hematology, Parasitology, Bacteriology and so much more.

PT Design

1   Sample Delivery

PT Samples sent 3 times a year

2   Analyze Samples

The laboratory analyses the samples within the given test event period.

3   Results Submission

Participants submit their test results

4   Data Analysis

HuQAS Analyses the results from all the laboratories

5   PT Performance Report

The final reports are sent to the laboratory account and notification is given by email

6   Corrective Actions

Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions are carried out by the laboratory

Registration Procedure

1 Identify the Program(s) of Interest from the Request For Quotation Below

2 The HuQAS Team will respond back with the Payment Options and Standard Terms

3 Once Order Confirmation is done, We shall train your laboratory team on the HuQAS Informatics System.