Brief on Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action and Preventive Action Training for 2018.

On the 6th of June 2018, the training on RCA and CAPA began with participants from private laboratories, research laboratories and government laboratories in attendance. The training was set of with welcoming remarks from the Ag. CEO who carried well wishes from the HuQAS Management Board and HuQAS Advisory Board.

Highlights from the training:
Detailed actual case studies from the participants laboratories were shared and discussed in confidence. From the class discussions lead by our able facilitators way-forward and resolutions were arrived at that could help the labs achieve corrective actions to actual problems from the case studies.

We were reminded by the facilitators that it is never “who” when we ask in the 5 whys but the “Why” that provides us a well seasoned root cause. To address the a root cause we do not begin by asking “who’s” fault is it by “why” it occurred.

The training took three days and ended on the 8th of June with a cocktail session where the participants enjoyed a well deserved networking session with the HuQAS Advisory Board Members and the HuQAS team.
We at HuQAS thank all who attended and remind the that they are the 20%, who shall carry the success of their labs to achieve greater quality standards.